Selective Tragedies

First, the US health care system sucks. Whew… now that I got that off my chest , I ask myself, what problems are we solving with the health care bill. Some of the problems the pundits bring up are real, some of them are not and some of the real problems are not being discussed. Once again, when you look at what the real problems are, they all seem side effects of previous legislature by do gooders who have access to the taxpayers purse.

Real Problem: Health Care is not portable from one employer to the next. My first question is Why in the hell do I require employment to have insurance? My car insurance does not have to change. Of course it is not portable, health care was originally tied to employment during World War II. Just like today’s democrats they thought that capping wages of the most productive members of society, was well, good for society. General Motors offered to pay for half of the health care costs of their employees. Soon thereafter, all large companies were paying for health care for their employees. Lesson, capping wages or prices ALWAYS has unseen side effects.

Real Problem: Young people don’t sign up for health insurance. Duh. What health insurance do young people need? They need cheap catastrophic health insurance. The problem with health insurance for the young is that they need to protect themselves from bankruptcy. Most would be willing to pay most of health care costs out of pocket and a high deductible inexpensive plan. Right now, the health insurance options are so limited, that it causes them to forego completely. That and the fact that they are just starting out in their career and would be less likely to have a full time job. If you want the young to sign up, give them what they need. They don’t want a gold plated plan that costs them 1000 dollars a month. They want a plan that will cost them 100 dollars a month and protect them for health care costs over 10,000 dollars.

As it is being designed right now, it will be a transfer payment. It will be a transfer payment from the more healthy to the less healthy. That is why the mandate is required. Health insurance will not work unless the young subsidize the old. This system will only work as long as there are enough young people to fit the bill. Why do the young people mind, because instead of working for ourselves, we are working for ponzi scheme that likely will be reduced or eliminated by the time that we reach that age.

Not Real Problem: Americans spend too much on health care. Who can say that I shouldn’t spend as much on my health care as others. It is as much of a choice as other things. It is kind of like saying, Americans spend too much on their cars, because on average we have pricier cars than the Europeans. Hello, I can spend more money on my health care because I have more disposable income. I bet if you look at GDP per capita and health care spending per capita there would be a correlation. Plus, the numbers of health care spending would be inflated because we have Canadians and Europeans coming to the US for health care. The health care is counted on the health care numerator but not the per capita donominator. Furthermore, an additional 12-20MM illegal aliens are living in the country that are not counted in the denominator. Add those in and the number is not so out of whack with the rest of the OECD.

Real Problem not being discussed: There is no competition in today’s “free market capitalism” health care insurers. The real problem is that Health Care in the US already is socialism lite. Let’s disabuse ourselves into thinking that the solutions that they are proposing are going to be much better or worse than what we already have. I bring this up to prove a point. Health insurance is a quasi monopoly or duopoly. Some states have as much as 90% of the health insurance by one or two providers. It is provided by our employers, which give the consumer very little power to switch providers. The insurance companies are regulated to the point where they are limited in the choices that they can offer. Everyone gets the same policy, regardless of the stage that they are at in life. There is no “name your price” health insurance.

Think about it this way. The health care bill would standardize required coverage. If we have a public option or even a non-for-profit coop, it would not make much difference. High-regulations make for profit companies act like government servants. I swear there is s a business presentation in Cigna somewhere that has marketing budget diverted to Washington. These companies do not fear consumers, like they should. They fear Washington. Once a company becomes so regulated where the majority of their marketing budget goes into lobbying, it is no longer a free market.

I really get tired of hearing Mr Michael Moore describe all the bad things about free market capitalism, by pointing out how socialist we have become. Since when is bailing out banks or allowing a health insurance monopoly a part of capitalism. These things are not a part of capitalism. A truly capitalist system would allow those banks to fail and insurance companies to compete both on price, service and across state lines. Little dirty secret: big business likes big government.

Not Real Problem : Selective tragedies. I have never known anyone to become so successful by peddling tragedies as Mr Moore. OK, I’ll see your old lady cutoff from insurance policy and I’ll raise you another young child that dies waiting for his cancer treatment. Guess what. Life is brutish and short. If it weren’t I wouldn’t have to write for a living and would be living in a bungalow next to Paris Hilton. People get sick and die…. Every day, someone wants something that is important to them and doesn’t get it. I mean, even yesterday, I wanted one day without seeing Mr. Moore. So I turned on the Fox News channel and all I saw for one hour on Hannity was Michael and the Swinging Chins (sounds like a rock band). That doesn’t that I am heartless, it just means that there enough tragedies to go around.


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