The True Colors of Barack Obama

This week, the Obama administration has singled out Fox News as well, “not being news”, for their opinion programming at 5 and 9, i.e., Glenn Beck and Shawn Hannity.

In a seemingly unrelated story, Barack Obama, condemns the Honduras military “coup”, even though his removal from office (perhaps not the country) was a mistake.

What do these two stories have in common? In both cases, the Obama administration has chosen to shut out those who might expose his agenda as mistaken.

In the case of Fox News, the administration has all but said that because some of Fox News opinion programming has been critical, they will be marginalized. For one week straight, the administration was giving out hints, leading up to a white house closed door session without Fox News. Fortunately, the normally docile media could see this for what it really was, an attempt to control information.

In Honduras, the antidemocratic Zelaya defied two branches of government by attempting to install himself into a second term. He even went as far as having the computers preloaded with the election results. I guess, Obama thinks that it would be more democratic to have the military place the Supreme Court and all of Congress onto a plane in their pajamas.

Obama made an early call and said that removing Zelaya from office was wrong and that Zelaya should be restored. Anyone attempting to shed some light onto the truth behind the situation was shut out. Roberto Michelletti - the constitutionally appointed successor - and several members of the Supreme Court were denied visas to the US to explain their case. Jim DeMint led a congressional delegation to assess the situation in Honduras. Obama teamed up with John Kerry to attempt to block the delegation.

Obama’s attempt to marginalize both Fox News and Jim DeMint might have suffered setbacks, but it gives a dangerous precedent. When Dick Cheney criticized Al Jazeera for promoting too negative views about the Iraq war, there were howls of protest from the left. Now that the Obama administration has gone as far as criticizing a major news network, and then attempted to shut them out of the White House press room, there is nary a whisper.


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