First Hand Experience with the Public Option

Anyone who follows this humble blog knows that I live in Canada, Toronto to be exact.  I will show you how Canada's single payer system works first hand.  This picture was taken from my own camera, in Etobicoke at a walk-in clinic just off of Queensway and Park Lawn.  Feel free to use this, but source it back to me. 

Canadian Health Care, How it works on the Ground

It is illegal to get any medical service without first getting an authorization from your family doctor.  Upon arrival into Canada, I was given a list of family doctors who practiced in my area.  The list had about 300 doctors on the list.  After the name, address and phone number on the list, there was a field for "Receiving New Patients".  Out of 300 doctors, there were only about 7 that were receiving new patients.  It gets worse.  I called the doctors on the list.  Every single doctor was full.  I was given a referral by another doctor who said, "Call my friend, he is full, but if you tell him I sent you, he will see you." 

If you do not have a family doctor you have to go to a walk-in clinic.  The picture above is from a walk-in clinic.  The doctor who works there is great, but he sometimes has to shut down early because he has reached his quota of patients.  Its annoying, but if he goes over the limit, he risks a fine. 

Real Life Example

As my son was running a fever and had stomach pains, and we had no family doctor, we decided to take him to the walk-in clinic in the afternoon.  That is when I saw his sign on the window.  It wasn't really an emergency, but I had no choice but to take him to the emergency room, as I would have had to wait through a long weekend.  Well, I wasn't the only one in that situation and the emergency room was full of sick kids, who likely were in the same situation as I was.  We arrived at 7:00 PM.  My name was called at 5:00AM the next morning.  They put us into a room because the nurse says she doesn't like to see people sleeping on the hospital bench.  At 7:00 AM the nurse had a look at my son.  At 8:00 AM, they conducted tests.  At 11:00, they came back to us and said that we could go home and they would have the results in two weeks.  Every time that we have been to the Emergency room the wait has been over 8 hours. 

It was all free to me, but you either pay in money or you pay in time.


  1. It's not just emergency rooms. Just today, released average wait times for doctor visits and the wait is the longest it has ever been, standing at a sickening 21.3 minutes. Here is the full article:

  2. Hey, something that you might be interested in is Logan Darrow Clements movie sick + sicker. It is sad that we as participants in the great Canadian single payer cannot even pay for services if we absolutely have to.

  3. tell me, how many physician clinics do you know of in U.S. that practice with a system of walk in clinics--"come right in" ---You can call your provider and others and it still may be several days before you are able to get in and thus are left to go to ER if need to be seen prior. ---so this notice (pic on door) means nothing to me as why is it that someone with an agenda feels the need to present the idea that "look at how bad the system is in Canada !"==the fact remains that, Yes, there is much wrong with American HealthCare and it does need to be reformed---to what extent and how is the real debate !!

  4. Anonymous, My wife and I both used a walk-in clinic this weekend when we didn't want to wait for our doc to open on Monday to get antibiotics for a strep infection. There are clinics like this all over the place in cities large and small. Maybe you need to look harder.

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  6. No one said that reform isn't needed. That's the point. How are you gonna reform it. I hate the employer based system just as much as anyone. But to replace something bad with something worse? I'll take my beat up Ford before I replace it with a Yugo. If they said reform and allowed health insurers to really compete. That's reform.


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