Making it Worse: How Financial Intermediation Leads to Increased Costs

Andrew Breitbart's blog Big Government (See shows a chart which showed out-of-pocket expenditures as a percent of total.  Kudos to Breitbart.  That was a great use of public data and should have been told a long time ago.  Unfortunately, it only told half the story.  The CMMS also presents health care expenditures as a percent of GDP.  Ahem...I spot a trend. 

Feel free to use this Graph, source back to EconomyPolitics at  All data has been taken from the CMMS website


  1. Government mandated or run insurance can only raise percentage of GDP, but Obama was trying to reduce government expenditures on health care, well, that is what he said.

    Pants on fire...

  2. PS, 1040 book came today, reminded me that if you want to claim a deduction for health care costs the costs that exceed 7.5% of income are deductible.

  3. Third party payor system is a job creator.

  4. Thanks for the comments, but I'm not sure what that last one was trying to say. Anyone else?


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