"Blight" and Eminent Domain


Can't you just see the "blight"?

In a redux of the Kelo case in CT a politically connected developer, Bruce Ratner, wants Big Brother to codemn the 22 acres in order to build high rise residencies, commerical properties and a basketball arena for the New York Nets.

Money quote from George Will: "To seize the acres for Ratner's use, government must claim that the area -- which is desireable because it is vibrant -- is "blighted." the cognitive dissonance would embarrass Ratner and his collaborating politicians, had their cupidity not extinguished their sense of the absurd."

I feel smart when I read George Will, its like a word of the day calendar. Today's word is CUPIDITY.

eager or excessive desire, esp. to possess something; greed; avarice.

Make sure to use it at least once this week.


  1. Private property owners facing the threat of eminent domain quickly learn that they are not standing on a level playing field legally, economically or politically.

    Among other lessons, there is a lot of play in the “just” of “just compensation.” The power of eminent domain brings with it a sense of entitlement. At that point, property owners are merely an obstacle to be swept aside — when, in fact, they possess the key asset coveted by government and the corporation.

    But property owners can fight back. Our two-year battle against Houston-based Spectra Energy which seized our property rights for an underground gas storage field led to the development of a website which has begun to attract whistle blowers inside the energy industry. We are collaborating and helping property owners in many states. For info, visit the site: http://www.spectraenergywatch.com/blog/

    By the way, our new neighbor, Spectra Energy, has received two Notice of Violations for “unlawful conduct” related to emergency shutdowns and emissions at its storage field in Bedford County, PA. Reports of contaminated water supplies are on the rise since they began operations.

    Like Kelo and Atlantic Yards, the ripple effects of eminent domain are never over. Increasingly, government is exercising its "taking" power -- whether for property rights or other assets.

  2. Chris,

    Thank you for you comment. There is no doubt when fighting with Big Brother, the decked is stacked in his favor and that he's becoming quite enchanted with taking things that don't belong to him, but I guess that goes without saying and that it's always been like that. I will definitely check out your blog and would be glad to do whatever I can to spread the word about your fight.

    Down with Big Brother!



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