The Government is the reason were Kickin' Ass

I won't comment on the whole speech, because I have a job and kids, but....

First, All State of the Unions are like roseate lobotomies with all the clapping, fawning and lionizing....., but now it has a more robust bouquet of narcissism. But that is the nature of State of the Union addresses, no need to be too critical.

The one salient thing I gleaned was that the gov't is the reason why we are kickin' ass. Which we'll have to disagree on, but the whole attitude towards schooling and student loans was a further reflection of the Presidents inner thoughts.

If you haven't pay'd back your student loans after 10 years then it will be forgiven.....IF you work in the public sector. Now, if you work in the private sector you have to pay on that loan for 20 years, before clemency is granted.

It's reflects his thought that "Gov't work is benevolent & private sector work is second rate".

It's school. If it's that important we should be prepared to pay for it. Why are we granting clemency anyway?

I have a friend that lived in Russian for a handful years and told me how common it was to find a PH.D working at a fruit stand. School was free there and people studied for advanced degree's, but had no jobs to procure upon graduation. An extreme example I know.

What I'm saying is, Let American citizens create the jobs and let's cut down on the benevolent public sector jobs.

Lastly, the President spoke about more nuclear plants. OK, I'm not gonna gainsay.


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