Taxes, tax cheats and morons. Oh my!

I'm sorry, but this is too funny.

From the article: "IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman does not file his own taxes in part because he believes the tax code is complex."

"Shulman said about 60 percent of Americans use tax preparers and another 20 percent use software to file their returns. He added, "So you're over 80% of people who aren't just sitting down and filling out the forms themselves."

I guess he doesn't think that's a problem. What he does think is a problem is the tax preparer industry, he said that the IRS is looking to set "a minimal level of competence in the preparer community."

One would think an IRS Commissioner would have the minimal level of competence needed to prepare his own tax return. If he doesn't, who does?!? Obviously someone who DOESN'T work for the government.

This is almost worse than that bastard Charles Rangel cheating on his taxes when he sits on the House Ways and Means Committee and don't forget that tax cheating hobbit, little Timmy Geithner.

United States House Committee on Ways and Means from Wiki

"The Committee of Ways and Means is the chief tax writing committee of the US House of Representatives....The Committee has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs and other revenue raising measures..."

He makes the rules and doesn't follow them. Weird. It's almost like he doesn't think they apply to him. They're just for us proles. Funny how people feel like that when they start working for Big Brother.

"Feds owe Uncle Sam $3B in unpaid taxes"

"Federal workers owe more than $3 Billion in income taxes they failed to pay in 2008. According to Internal Revenue Service documents, 276,300 federal employees and retirees owe $3,042,200,000.

Just think of all the crappy Art that could fund through the NEA, or how many free needles and abortions that would provide, how many bridges to nowhere, etc. It just makes me sad.


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