Newsflash: Obama admits he can't settle a 2000 year old feud?!?

From the AP:

"President Barack Obama says his administration overestimated its ability to persuade the Israelis and Palestinians to resume meaningful peace talks."
His administration overestimated huh? More like he did. Pretty sure he promised the Jews and Palestinians would be having slumber parties watching "High School Musical" together once he wowed them with his leg tingling speechifying.

"Obama says both parties have been unwilling to make the bold gestures needed to move the process forward. If the U.S. had anticipated that earlier, Obama says he might not have raised expectations so high."
If the U.S. had anticipated that earlier?!?!?!?! WTF? So the AP says "we the people " didn't anticipate that the Jews and Palestinians would not be able to let bygones be bygones??? That is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Again, I'm pretty sure "we the people" understand that the Jews and Palestinians hate each other and would be happy if the other was wiped off the map or driven into the sea.

I'm conflicted on this issue. As we all know Israel was "created" by the United Nations in 1947, dividing the country into two states, one Arab and one Jewish. The following day the armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq attacked starting the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and they've basically been fighting ever since.

My issues are:
1) The UN dividing up the land. I'm no expert but does anyone know if they actually had the authority to do that? I would be pretty pissed if the UN came into my backyard and parceled it out to someone I don't like. For instance, Peyton Manning. I HATE that guy.
2) The Arab states tried to conquer Israel and were beat back and had to accept the "Green Line" borders. They have been crying about that and wanting more land ever since. There's an old Sicilian proverb which states "Don't ask for what you can't take." That's how I feel. If they want the land so bad, they should nut up and try to take it. But they don't because they know they'll get their asses handed to them, AGAIN. So no sympathy from me. Lefties will say that is only because the US supplies Israel with weapons, but what do they want us to do, not sell weapons to our only ally in that area? They would answer "Yes!" I'm sure and I guess that would be ok, the Jews would just end up buying weapons from someone else so ceteris paribus, it wouldn't change anything anyway.
3) Suicide bombings and launching missiles into populated areas is cowardly and lame. Be a man, put on a uniform and declare war. Don't be a little sissy with your rockets and suicide bombers.

Personally, I'd like to see an old fashioned cage match (conventional war only, no nukes please) between Israel and any or all of the Arab countries to settle it once and for all. That way if the Arabs drive the Jews into the see as they say they want to do, they'll be happy and as the lefties tell us, happy Arabs don't become terrorists, only oppressed and humiliated ones do. If the Jews kick the crap out of the Arabs, then the Arabs will have to shut up and accept Jewish rule or piss off to whatever country will take them. Probably France or the UK. The Frenchie and Limey Big Brothers love them some Arab immigrants. Who knows maybe 50 years later or so they'll be playing soccer or cricket or some other lame sport together. Like us having a MLB baseball game in Japan, 63 years after nuking them. Miracles can happen!


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