Obama tell sick 9/11 rescue workers to suck it BEFORE he makes it rain!

From NY Daily News:


"NY Pols stunned to learn Obama administration opposes funding for 9/11 health bill."

"Victims and advocates of 9/11 families are similarly stunned. Lorie Van Auken, whose husband died on 9/11 and who supports the White House in its push to try the terrorists in New York, was crestfallen at the news. I thought that these people would be taken care of. I would have expected better from this administration," Van Auken said, adding that she thought it sends the wrong message to all of America's would-be heroes that the government won't be there for them."
Then we get the Flip Flop!

"Team Obama to double budget for treating 9/11 responders in an amazing same-day U-turn"

Got to love that. Shows you just how much thought and analysis they put into a decision doesn't it? Basically none, it's all emotion and reaction to pollling or headlines.


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