Obama's first year accomplishments - Prepare to be amazed!

From the Washington Post:

"Since January 2009, Obama has signed an economic stimulus bill, pushed Congress to pass health-care reform, traveled overseas and upheld traditions like the White House Easter Egg roll and a State Dinner."

WOW!!!!!!!!! That's an amazing record. Let's look at them one by one.
1) Signed the stimulus bill.: That hasn't worked liked they thought and said it would. Unemployment is higher than they predicted it would reach WITHOUT the stimulus bill.
2) Pushed Congress to pass health care reform: That's all wrapped in a body bag, complete with toe tag.
3) Traveled overseas: Right, to suck up to Euros and talk bad about America. Any and every lefty does that.
4) Kept up the Easter Egg roll tradition: ?!? WTF. What do you want, a cookie?
5) State Dinner: Again, what do you want, a cookie?

That's the WAPOs top five and they obviously had to really stretch to compile that list. Keep in mind that Barack gave himself a "solid B+" for his first year in office. (Pretty sure they're racists since they did not include the "Wise Latina" making it to the Supreme Court.)

I guess it could be worse, had he actually done more, so maybe we should be grateful that's all he managed to do.

Down with Big Brother!


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