Punching a terrorist in the stomach is wrong! Torturing kids? Not so much.

From ABC News: "Small Smiles" Dental Chain Reaches Settlement for Medical Fraud


"FORBA Holdings LLC, the parent company of the nationwide pediatric dental chain "Small Smiles," reached a $24 million settlement with the Department of Justice Wednesday for allegedly performing medically unnecessary or substandard procedures on children insured by Medicaid..."
Compare Big Brothers reaction in this case to the case linked below.

"Navy SEALs face assault charges for capturing most wanted terrorist"
So you torture kids by performing unnecessary procedures and committing fraud by submitting those claims to Medicaid and you get a fine. No criminal charges, no jail time. Just a $24 million dollar fine for FORBA which would be like fining me $5.

You capture one of the most wanted terrorist in the world, who later alleges you punched him in the stomach and gave him a bloody lip? Charges and potential jail time.

Go figure.


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