Scott Brown Doesn't Mean Anything!

Republicans are jubilant about the election of Scott Brown, because it means something....It means a repudiation of Obamacare, a shift in the American zeitgeist and the beginning of a comeback! You will read or hear that all day today.

It's all specious.

It's an election. Extrapolations to a broader national platform are inane.

Don't forget that it was just over a year ago where a disgruntled public 86'd the old guy, Mr. Bush, and his party. One of the primary reasons Obama is the White House is because "the people" wanted anything but George W.

So the Right will talk with false platitudes about the importance of Scott Brown and what can be learned from this elections, but it's all politics. It's not facts. Rarely, does anything substantive come from reformation, when the "reforming" party doesn't have a damned plan. Ask John Kerry.

So Scott Brown won. I'm cheerful, because I hate the proposed health care reform, and it's desire to create a wet nurse for the American People. Make no mistake, my cheerfulness hasn't manifested itself in the from of glee or mirth. Until free market principles become the salient goal of the Republican party I'm not going to celebrate.

Didn't the Republicans learn anything from hanging the banner "Mission Accomplished"? It's all extremely premature, don't you think?


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