State of the Union: Freedom on the Wane

Words mean things.  In the State of the Union address, the language chosen is deliberate.  One word was missing from Barack Obama's State of the Union Address.  This word was either deliberately scrubbed from his speech or just so far off his agenda that it wasn't even mentioned.  It is a word which is usually the most commonly spoken word in all State of the Union Adresses.  What is that word that Barack cringes to mention?   Freedom

How important is freedom to Barack Obama?  Not very judging by the language that he chooses.  Comparing his speech to even Bill Clinton's show the lack of urgency of the freedom agenda.

I checked the usage of one important word: Freedom.  I also used variations of the word such as free (free trade, tax free, etc), freely, freer. I did not use a word like freeze, that contains the word but has a different meaning.  I also took out referenes to free which have nothing to do with liberty such as Jimmy Carter's reference to a free-flying satelite.  Here is how they stack up. 

Number of uses of the word freedom, free, freely, freer, or a variation thereof in the States of the Union (See

Jimmy Carter 1977-1981 average:  9
Ronald Reagan 1981 - 1988 average:  20.75
George H W Bush: 1989 - 1992 average:  16.25
Bill Clinton 1993-2000 average: 6.625
George W Bush 2001-2008 average: 17.125
Barack Obama 2010 State of the Union address: 1

Yes, Words do mean something. Even for a Democrat, Barack Obama does poorly.  Just goes to show that freedom definitely is not on his agenda.


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