Austrian Business Cycle Theory and Global Crisis

From the Ludwig Von Mises Institute:

Great piece. Do yourself a favor and read it all. I have pasted the awesome charts and graphs for your enjoyment.

Figure 1: Relationship between the US 10-Year government security interest rates (10YR) and effective federal-funds rates (FF) in the period 1962-2009.

Figure 2: The difference between 10 YR and FF (DIF) for the period 1962-2009.

Figure 3: Case-Schiller Home Price Index (CS) and effective federal-funds rates (FF) for the period 1987-2009.

Figure 4: The Consumer Price Index and commodity price indexes for energy, industrial inputs, and metals, for the period 1980-2007.

Figure 5: Real-estate, consumer and commercial credit in the United States between 1980 and 2009 (in billions).Figure 6: VIX Index and the difference between 10YR adn FF (DIF) for the period 1989-2009.

Figure 7: Total derivative market (DTM) (in trillions)


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