Barack Obama - Deadbeat and welcher

From The State Journal Register:

"The city of Springfield still hasn't been fully repaid for costs
associated with hosting then - U.S. Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign
stop in the fall of 2008. Obama's presidential campaign was sent a bill for $68,
139, and still owes the city $55, 457, according to Ernie Slottag, the city's

"The city has been trying - unsuccessfully - to collect payment, Ken
Crutcher, the city's director of office of budget and management told alderman
recently. "We've spoken to a lot of people and have found a lot of circles,"
Crutcher said..."We've been kind of bounced from place to place with respect to
that particular event."

So the great one, Barack, did not pay his bill? What a surprise! Well, not really. Typical lefty, expecting other people to pay his tab. What a dead beat piece of poop.

Down with Big Brother!


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