Being called an Anarchist on Twitter worth 1 million dollars

This is funny on the surface, scary if you believe in liberty, and great if you are a trial lawyer.  There has been a lawsuit initiated by Virgil M. Texas against Greg W Howard, a conservative commentator, who called him an anarchist on Twitter.  He basically put out a tweet to his followers saying that Virgil was an anarchist.  Virgil now says that he is blacklisted from employment.  He is suing for 1 million dollars (See  See details of the lawsuit below:
On January 22, 2010 Defendant GREG W. HOWARD (known by user account @gregwhoward) did, ... in full view of the public on a social intenet website ... operated by Twitter, accuse Plaintiff of being an “anarchist.” ...The Defendant’s public claim that Plaintiff is an anarchist therefore limits Plaintiff’s employment opportunities.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectfully requests that judgment be entered in his favor and that damages of ONE MILLION U.S. DOLLARS ($1,000,000.00) be entered in Plaintiff’s behalf against Defendant, that court costs up to and including the date of judgment be taxed against Defendant.
What the plantiff was claiming is that Anarchists espouse the "deterioration or destruction of a legitimate state".  The important word is deterioration.  If you want to minimalize, marginalize or eliminate the EPA, IRS, No Child Left Behind, Medicaid, or the Fed you are considered an anarchist and ineligible for employment by the government of the United States according to the logic of the plantiff.   

This is shocking and scary to me on two fronts.
  1. People can sue you if you use twitter, facebook or anything else.  That means that social media Twitter, Facebook, etc, is on the way to becoming as highly regulated as the print media.  Get ready for the government to subpeona to hack into our facebook accounts.
  2. Anarchy, or the minimalist approach to government is itself being slandered.
 However, if you are a conservative, it might be good news.  Look back at all your emails, tweets and facebook postings.  See if you can find instances of being called fascist, or racist or something else.  We just might have a bonanza on our hands.


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