Big Brother fudges crime stats

From the NY Daily News:

"A Brooklyn precinct is under investigation for manipulating statistics to
make its cops look like better crimefighters...Two probes are centered around
whether Bedford-Stuyvesants's 81st Precinct recorded felonies as misdemeanors
and refused to take complaints from victims - all in an effort to drive down
the crime rate, sources said."

Here are two heart warming examples:

"A man who said he was beaten bloody and robbed - and then told by cops he
was the victim of "lost property" case because he didn't get a good look at the

"Another man who said he was berated by the precinct's commanding officer...for trying to report a stolen car."

Big Brothers uniformed and armed customer service agents hard at work, fudging data and abusing victims of crime in order to improve their "stats."

From the Ludwig Von Mises Institute: "The Private Production of Defense" by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Anarcho Capitalist argument for protection being supplied by private firms and not by a government controlled monopoly. Funny how Big Brother hates Monopolies in every industry, arguing that it raises costs, lowers quality and cheats the consumer, but thinks that Monopolies protected and enforced for Him is Ok.

Please follow the link to the paper.

Down with Big Brother!


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