China no longer #1 holder of US Treasuries.

From Yahoo! Finance:

"A record drop in foreign holding of U.S. Treasury bills in December sent a
reminder that the government might have to pay higher interest rates on its debt
to continue to attract investors."

"China reduced its stake and lost the position it's held for more than a year as the largest foreign holder of Treasury debt. Japan retook the top spot as it boosted its Treasury holdings."

"But other economists saw the decline as a warning signal. They fear that foreigners, especially the Chinese have begun to worry about record-high U.S. budget deficits and are looking to diversity their holdings."

"The Treasury report showed that China reduced its holdings of Treasury securities by $34.2 billion in December."

Is China sending DC a signal? Perhaps. But the important thing is that this reminds me of the awesome SNL sketch I've posted below.


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