Concession - Slavery was the motive for Southern Secession

From Ilya somin - "Slavery as the Motive for Southern Secession"

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From the Yale Law School's Avalon Project - Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy - The Declaration of Secession by South Carolina, who was the first state to secede.

I went back and read this document as well as the documents from the other states that seceded. And while tariffs, taxes and states rights are brought up, the most prominent issue was slavery and the preservation of it.

So I will hereby concede to Simon Roberts, aka the Repunklican, that the primary cause of secession was indeed slavery and not tariffs/taxes.

However, I still believe that states should be able to secede, whether or not it is expressly prohibited or excluded in the Constitution. That is, and has been, a topic of debate for a couple hundred years now and unless a state actually tries to secede the question will remain open. But, if a state actually did secede, Big Brother should not go to war to stop them, infringe upon the constitutional rights of the non-seceding citizens, or treat secessionist civilians and cities as military targets or objectives. Joining and remaining part of the Union should be voluntary and not coerced through the threat of or use of force.

Lastly, the fact that the Southern States seceded to preserve slavery does not change my opinion about Lincoln being a racist, tyrannical bastard for all the reasons mentioned in all the other posts which have nothing to do with why the Southern States seceeded or the evils of slavery.


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