Freaky: Gov't taking over google search to spread message

Go to your google search page.  Type in Get Email Updates.  Click Search.  Look at what comes up.  It looks like Big Brother is trying to inform us on what he is doing.  I would subscribe to some conspiracy theory but I'm just too smart for that.    The funny thing is that the first link is broken, so it's not like these are getting used.  There are two possible explanations.  Either they are using the same search optimization firm or ...  The following is the list as they show up in my search in case they get changed.
  1. CDC - Center for Disease Control - This one even appears to be broken. 
  2. FDA - Food and Drug Administration
  3. FEMA - Way to go Brownie
  4. EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
  5. Government Service Delivery
  6. Whitehouse
  7. Google Alerts
  8. - the Government Service Group


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