I know! Let's raise "fees" not "taxes', that's the ticket!

From the Washington Times:

"The National Conference of State Legislatures found that 35 states and Puerto Rico are facing deficits for fiscal 2011, despite the Obama administration's $787 billion
recovery package, which pumped tens of billions of dollars into state coffers
last year."

"A report issued in December by the National Association of State Budget
Officers (NASBO) and the National Governors Association found that states raised taxes and fees by $23.9 billion in fiscal 2010, nearly tripling the $8.1 billion in such increased implemented the previous year."

It's never, ever enough. Big Brother always wants more. I'm curious as to which states were the 15 who are not facing deficits. A good reporter probably would have included that information. If you work and buy anything you consume or use, it's a pretty safe bet that Big Brother is taking over 50% of your money every year.


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