Multiculturalisim falsified our past and destroys our future.

A very old interview I stumbled across. I loved the sentiments and didn't expect them from Gordon Wood because I discriminate against university professors - I assume they are going to be self-agrandizing fatheads without a modicum of common sense.

Moving on, Wood talks about how "we are NOT a multi-cultural nation, we are an American nation, the melting pot is alive and well."

Wood also castigates those historians "who minipulate the past for the sake of the present". Meaning, Historians are trying to put every religious, ethnic, racial or otherwise in some key historical role in order to empower those modern sub-groups. Wood contends there's no reason for such specious logic.

I've tried reading Gordon Wood books, but he is very strait forward with no flair. Now, maybe I'll ignore the prose and give him a second shot. I like where he is coming from.


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