Nationalized health care for all - Unless you are the Canadian Premier

From the National Post:

"Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery later this week
in the United States."

Wait? What? He'd rather have heart surgery here in the US? With our greedy, private practice doctors? Why would you not want to put your life in the hands of Canada's awesome nationalized healthcare?

"A decision to leave Canada for the surgery, especially if it is available here,
raises questions about the Premier's confidence in Newfoundland's health care

Really? You think? Number one, it probably isn't available and number two, even if it was available, a rational person, with the means and his or her life on the line, would always choose to have their surgery in the US. I just feel sorry for all the "normal" Canadians who don't have that option and have to use Big Brother's healthcare. I would love to know if Mr. Williams has advocated for or against Nationalized healthcare in Canada. He better have opposed it or he's a complete and total hypocrite.

Down with Big Brother!


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