Obama: Killing vouchers in DC. That'll help the poor and disenfranchised.

From the Washington Post:

"The Obama administration said it was going to respect science and respond
to evidence -- a contrast, many Democrats said, to the previous regime. So why
is President Obama killing off the program that offers the best chance to find
out if school vouchers work?"

"Yet the Obama administration seems to be doing everything it can to wind
down the program. Why? Each research results have been positive -- certainly in
terms of parental satisfaction, but also for achievement. Maybe the Democratic
Party, and the teachers union leaders who support it, would rather not see any
more evidence."

That's exactly right. Private schools will always perform better than Public Schools. Anything Big Brother does a private company could do it better.

So what's standing in the way of voucher programs being instituted all over? Democrats and Teachers Union, which let's face it, are overlapping circles in a Venn diagram.

Down with the DOE!
Down with Big Brother!


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