Patick Kennedy is NOT running for reelection

From Yahoo! News:

"Representative Patrick Kennedy, son of the late senator Edward Kennedy,
said Friday he will not seek re-election when his term expires later this

"With his departure there will be no member of the fabled Kennedy clan in
an elected position for the first time in decades."

Mr. Kennedy recently made news, when he said that the candidacy of Scott Brown was "a joke".

Right. Not like his Dad, who was such an honest, upright, moral and compassionate man.

Remember him and Chris Dodd making the "waitress sandwich". Good times. Good times.

How bout that fun filled night at Chappaquiddick?

But, it's easy to beat a dead horse so I'll move on.

Patrick, not surprisingly, was a swig off of the old bottle. Remember when he crashed his car into a traffic barrier at Capitol Hill at 2:45 AM?

He did enter rehab though, stating that he had wrestled with depression and drug addiction since his teens. Good thing he was in office huh?

But now he's gone and it's safe to say, that YOU are the joke Patrick Kennedy. Scott Brown may turn out to be one as well and if he makes himself a waitress sandwich, drives a car off of a bridge leaving a woman to die in the car, crashes his car while intoxicated or enters rehab, I'll be the first one to call him a joke. But until then you need to keep your bourbon filled trap shut.


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