Presidents Day is a Sham!!

On Presidents Day we celebrate the presidents? So which one are you celebrating? Martin Van Buren? James K. Polk? Grover Cleveland? Calvin Coolidge? Lincoln?

No, you're not celebrating any of them? Not a one. Why?

Because of convenience.

Some suck-ass politicians decided that it's better to combine Lincoln & Washington's Birthday in order to create a longer weekend so "the people" can play lawn darts and BBQ. This makes the day hollow and therefore nugatory.

We should have a day off on Lincoln's B-day no matter when it lands. Celebrate someone who preserved the union.

And Washington? Hell, he was the general of the greatest revolution of all-time. Give him his own day.

The problems is you whitewash the importance if you combine all the days and all the presidents and then make sure it's on a weekend. Nobody talks about these great men and what they did. It doesn't mean anything. It's just another day the kids are out of school or the banks are closed.

Parents tell your kids about these 2 men!!!!! If you don't have the time you can always watch the gettysburg adress from the rePUNKlicans.


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