Richard Epstein: The Trouble with Progressives

From An op-ed by Richard A. Epstein

A great piece. Mr. Epstein is "the man". If you haven't read or heard him, google him and partake of his ridiculous intelligence. The man is simply amazing, the depth and breadth of his knowledge is second to none, in my humble opinion.

Money quote:
"The progressive era is replete with special favors to agriculture and
labor that bear no relationship to the disinterested scientific model, unless
strong labor unions, with mighty strike potential, and agriculture cooperatives
that burn crops rest on some deep progressive insights that elude those now
obsolete defenders of laissez-faire."

"In one sense, what Judis says is true. Obama, as a former organizer who
has flirted with these dubious academic ideas, has emerged as the stealth
progressive reformer that Judis portrays. Which is why the rest of us,
libertarian or not, should be quivering in our boots."


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