Politically Correct: Sarah Palin is acting retarded.

I hate all political correctness. It's a matter of principle. The word "retarded has become the new "N word".  Obama and Palin both spar over the use of the term.  See links below.  The right gets their "blood-up" about political correctness, especially when they see the duplicity of the Dems(IE. Harry Reid's comments about Obama).


But when someone on the right can use the same morally benevolent high road to attack those on the left, we stand behind them. The right thinks - "It's nice to see Sarah use the Democrats tool of political correct against them." I still think it sucks no matter who is doing it.

So call a spade a spade.
Sarah Palin is browbeating us with her own definition of what is politically correct. So in an effort to not to be duplicitous I'll say this...
Sarah you are acting retarded.


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