Sometimes the sheep are correct. Celebrate Lincoln!

Taking into account that Winston Smith is an ideologue (not necessarily a pejorative) whereas I am a realist (not a necessarily a compliment) he's just plain wrong. It's only southern apologists (aka delusionals) who blame the war on anything but slavery. You know an easy way to see if that's true? Take slavery out of the equation, without slavery is there a Civil War? Tariff's and States' Rights arguments are just a convenient veneer meant to gloss over the single root cause. Now, especially with the benefit of hindsight, anyone who clings to those hollow explanations are plain old-fashion misguided or self-delusional.

To Winston's first point:

1. The Emancipation Proclimation was a farce. I can't think of a more far reaching document. How long did it take for black state senators to occupy seats in Mississippi, Alabama, Virgina, etc? No less that 6 years. From slavery to state senators, sure Big Brother had to enforce it. That's not a farce. 6 years!

Also, to enlist Secretary Seward with a quote taken entirely out of context doesn't prove any point. Don't just pull a quote and pigeon-hole Mr. Seward, he defended that document, even with all its practical shortcomings. Seward was pointing out what everyone, including Lincoln, knew--- that it was a executive order being applied to those states in rebellion and therefore would not have any force until those states had been brought back into the union. Seward, like everyone else, knew the force of symbols, and the emancipation proclamation made the formally about freeing the slaves. The South's only realistic hope was to enlist some foreign aid, specifically England's. But once the fight turned officially to the slaves England could not justify any further flirtations. As unpopular (and courageous) a move as it was at the time, the Proclamation was the death knell of the Confederacy.

2. He was a racist. No problem there. By our current standards nearly everyone from that time-period, and long-afterwords, was or is a racist. That's 5,000-6,000 years of racists - from Adam to Paul to Ghandi to Obama is a racist. The quote, which I won't rationalize, reads horrible to me. Does it accurately portray the whole of his philosophical constitution with regards to blacks? Fredrick Douglas lionized Lincoln, even with a knowledge of these quotes and historical prejudices.

3. His policies lead to the Civil War? Really? Which one? He held public office as a representative from 1846-1848. South Carolina seceded in December of 1860, with six more seceding by February of 1861. Lincoln was inaugurated in March of 1861. In the time between the election and the inauguration Lincoln was very clear and careful to make it known that he had no intention of interfering with slavery in those states where it already existed and where in his view it was constitutionally protected. To attribute secession, the catalyst for war, to anything other than hysteria of the South is either ignorant or deliberately reckless, plain and simple.

Also, it's willfully absurd to think that a boycott by the north was going to end slavery. Absurd. To think that England and France were going to join us because they cared for the Slaves is even stupider. England was dangerously close to supporting the South during the beginning of the war. They wanted to see America split to cripple our potential as a rival, plain and simple.

And the standard line that slavery wasn't prosperous had it's day in the sun but has been discredited. If it wasn't prosperous why was its expansion into the territories so important to the South? Why was it worth going to war for? And why did it take a war to end it? If you want numbers I can provide them to prove the prosperity of slavery.

4. We come back to ideologue vs realist here again. Habeus Corpus...blah blah blah. First, it's funny how the quotes makes it sound like Lincoln was the arresting officer, judge and jury. Sure Lincoln extended his powers during wartime. It was a WAR. Furthermore it was a WAR being fought on American soil, the front-line was mere miles away from the Capitol itself. Furthermore, once the war was over Lincoln rushed to embrace the Confederate states and welcome them back into the Union, more than a few Confederates felt that “when Lincoln was murdered the South lost its best friend." Lincoln did what had to be done, as an American who believed in the Union, and notwithstanding what had to be done he accomplished it with tremendous judgment and compassion.

Lastly, as a sheep, the question if a state can secession the union isn't a real question. Ideologically, I love it. I say hell yea. But in practical terms it holds no water, the wild daydream of Thomas Jefferson who in his lucid moments refuted his own admittedly radical ideologies.

In summation, acknowledging his many many faults and mistakes, even if we let them be taken out of context, Lincoln was still the best president this country EVER had. But perhaps it should be acknowledged that the same may not apply to your country, the Dis-United Confederate States of Rainbows, Puppy Dogs and Happy Pliant Slaves. I'll take my country over yours.


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