Viva Las Vegas' Mayor Goodman And The Power Of "No"

February 25, 2010 is a big day. The President has invited Republicans to come down for a pow wow on healthcare. He’s ready to listen he says. Bring me those conservative ideas and I’ll eat them up!!! This seems to be the President’s message. Yet he is working on his own plan to shove down the American collective throat if Republicans don’t show up or give him what he wants from the meeting.

Rightly so, Republicans have been responding to the President by asking why are we going to sit to discuss a bill you can’t even get your pinko leftist friends to pass. I’m sorry, but if the President does not intend to start from scratch on the healthcare bill then that is down right retarded!!! (Yes, I said it. No offense to Sarah Palin's young Trig) Could Obama be so intellectually inept (pc for retarded) that he actually thinks if he can’t pass his budget busting bill in a super majority Congress that maybe he’ll now get support from the Republicans? I’m perplexed. I don’t think he is that dumb (my apologies to all dumb people I've offended by using the “d” word). What is Obama doing then? Remember in school when one kid would do something then when the teacher would turn around the child would point at an innocent and unsuspecting classmate and say he did it. You know, like when we used to spit spit wads at the chalkboard with a straw while the teacher was writing (sorry for the antiquated examples, but we didn't take guns and knives to school when I was kid…just a good ole’ straw got our point across).

The Republicans don’t want to go to this summit, but are worried about what people will think. Will people think we don’t care about healthcare? Will they think we really are the party of “no?” Independents won’t think we’re bipartisan!!! Ooooooh, not the Independents!!!! (I got news for everyone…a lot of those Independents are simply Republicans that got sick of all the spending, lack of border security, warming up to the climate change ideas and six wasted years with congressional and executive control to really get some good things done) I swear to you that I haven't seen such a bunch of pansies worry about what people will think of them since high school when boys or girls all over campus were making decisions based on what the cool crowd wanted them to do. Here are a couple of things I would tell the Republicans. First, nobody wants a healthcare bill that has Democrat ideas in it: spending out the nose, end of private insurance, government possessing our medical records, death panels, no choice, no competition…..and on and on. So, since nobody wants those things, and the Republicans aren't in a position to get what they want anyway, I say follow the Mayor of Las Vegas’ lead and just say no. What a courageous and novel act that would be in American politics.

Recently, the Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, rejected an invitation to meet with the man who single-handedly destroyed the dominant industry of this desert town by suggesting that people and companies shouldn't be spending money to go out to “Sin City.” Nevada has one of the highest unemployment rates and the housing crisis has hit them hard. Mayor Goodman was outraged that the President would again make remarks that could potentially do harm the economy of his city. You may recall that, just last year, Obama came out against companies spending money on big bonuses and sending employees to retreats and conferences. Well, companies were scared. Obama went on a Chavez-esque campaign against the private sector in an unprecedented fashion. It didn't seem prudent for a company to send employees to conferences or to spend money…private money by the way…and get a bad rap during an already tough recession. So, who got hurt from all this? Well, conference goers for sure, but, on a serious note, companies that make all that cool conference goodie merchandise, conference destinations, and all those that they employ. So, understandably so, the Mayor of Vegas and the citizens of this city that is a major player in the US economy are upset and not happy to see Mr. Obama. And they are telling him so!

Let’s make this simple, say no to Mr. Obama, Republican Congress. Take a stand against this new breed of political cancer that has infiltrated our nation and threatens the very foundation that has assured 200 plus years of prosperity and relative peace. Don’t be too worried about this President who Dick Cheney recently declared would only be a one term president. The voters are putty in your hands in 2010. Plus, Obama is kryptonite to everything he touches: New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, the Chicago Olympic bid, the Colts, and, soon, Senator Reid after Obama stumps for him in Nevada. He can’t get healthcare or cap and trade passed, he couldn't make world leaders listen to him in Copenhagen, Iran spit on his out held hand, and Malaysia is taking down statutes of the guy. Who knows, if Republicans hold out a little longer Obama may bow down before them when he comes to invite them to something else next time.


  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent! I don't think I could have said it any better! Let's pray that Cheney was prophetic when he said that to a very happy crowd (me, in my car, cheering along with them). Fantastic blog, Mike!

  2. well said mike. we are lookin' at the buttcrack of doom! randy


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