WSJ: The solutions of the financial crisis are currently being made in China

Interesting clip form the WSJ, describes the state of the world, post crisis.  What is very clear to me is that we are living in a different world that we did post 2007.  A couple of tidbits from the clip. 

The current crisis was made in America, the fixes are being made in Asia.  China and India's combined consumption just surpassed the US.  I know that they have 2BB more people, but the point is that the world used to sell to the US.  Increasingly it will be selling to the Asian Markets. 

Asia is clearly leading the world in terms of economic growth.  Europe is in a Funk and the US is in the middle.  The most troubling thing about the economic world order is that with health care and taxation, the US seems to be gravitating towards a European model.  Yea, like that model works well.


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