Chavez met with the FARC as early as 1998

Chavez is on the hotseat.  Spain is accusing him of multiple meetings with the FARC, in conjunction with their own homegrown ETA terrorists.  Spain has accused Venezuela of brokering mulitple meetings between ETA and FARC.  Chavez denied it.  ETA allegedly trained hundreds of FARC in creating bombs, landmines and the like.  You know those things that are responsible for maiming children.  Spain says that Chavez brokered those deals. 

Chavez had repeatedly denied any contacts with the FARC, but Spain has come forth and has proof that there have been the highest level contacts. Chavez finally admits they did happen. However, he maintains that he met only once with Raul Reyes - FARC's #2 - in private at Venezuela's presidential palace. He say they did so only at the behest of Andres Pastrana.  Pastrana was President from 1998 - 2002.  Pastrana says no way (See   

This should not be surprising for someone who says that the FARC is a legitimate belligerent group, was funding the FARC according to Mr. Reyes's laptop, and has even erected a statue of Marulanda - FARC's former #1 - in Venezuela.  What is surprising is that he is finally admitting to one meeting, which means that there have been many, many, many more. 

How long will it take the world to admit what the common man in Colombia already knows?  Hugo Chavez is at war with the Colombian people.  He funds an active insurgency within Colombia and has even brokered a deal between the FARC and ETA to assassinate Uribe, the current Colombian leader.

It is almost to the point that the world can no longer ignore the threat.  Hopefully Spain will do its job and take this to the International Criminal Court or the United Nations, who of course won't do anything, but it may give individual nations the courage to commit to sanctions. Hopefully, Colombia is trying to return the favor for his attempted assassination. 


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