The Fall of an Empire...Right Before Our Eyes

I am saddened today, as are most Americans, to learn of the passage of the Healthcare Bill by the US House of Representatives. From an eternal perspective I guess I am lucky; after this life, I will always be able to tell the story of how I saw the day and the hour when the Great American Experiment began to be dismantled. I can't help make the parallel between the United States today and Empires of old. I feel like a Roman who was alive to see the day when the great empire went into decline.
I went to the post office today and when I saw the flag I was saddened. We’ve let that great proud flag down. That flag that has represented so many generations of those who understood and comprehended the meaning of the struggles and sacrifices our forefathers made to free their children from tyranny and oppression. The founding fathers’ understanding of government was unmatched. Yet, today’s politicians consider themselves superior to the old fuddy-duddies who fought, protested, resisted, revolted, drafted the great Constitution upon which hundreds of other constitutions have been modeled, and finally died for freedom from government intrusion into their lives.
They mock the founders for not abolishing slavery, yet they never stop to think what other generations will think of us, the generation that kills millions of unborn children. I often wonder what the generations to come and the generations that have been will think of a nation who not only aborts children, but uses public funds to accomplish the task.
We have let the proverbial enemy through the gates. Shame on us!! Shame on us for not doing more to stop what started with the New Deal and has, to some degree, culminated in yesterday's vote. But what do you expect from a nation where a staggering amount of its citizenry sucks on the tit of entitlement? What will “free” healthcare cost when our entitlement-minded population busts down the hospital doors for treatment of any and all ailments? Think of all those people who now will rush to the hospital that would have thought twice about it if it were on their own dime? What will happen to our great nation when the haves don't have enough to give to the have nots who demand what has become their right to receive? Can we borrow much more and still survive? Will we lose our sovereignty to other nations who demand payment of our debt?
We have literally killed incentive. There is no incentive to become a doctor, much less a specialist. There is no incentive to research new drugs. There is no incentive for insurance companies to reduce premiums. There will be no incentive to provide good customer service once the government is involved. There will be no real and effective appeals process once the government takes over. There will be no incentive for private insurance companies to continue.
Your life and well-being will not be considered on a case by case basis according to your doctor’s recommendations. Our ailments will soon be numbers matched against a government chart. Our care will depend solely on that determination if anyone wishes to get paid.
Your government will get to know you much better. In time, they will have access to your health records. They will know if you carry health insurance and send the IRS out to kindly make sure you keep it. They will decide what care you receive and whether your contributions to the state will be sufficient to warrant providing care. If you have cancer but are otherwise healthy at the age of 35, you will receive care. If you have cancer but are otherwise healthy at the age of 67, you will not.
There will be only one answer to how we will pay for this bill…taxation. I’m sorry but the money must come from somewhere. And when you offer something for free, costs to provide that service must go up. My only solace today is that I know there is a God. I know He has a plan. I know that man’s work is frustrated not God’s. I know that if I am faithful to the plan, all will be well. Save it were for that…I would be in despair.


  1. Well said. And your final statement about God and His work is the only true source of solace regardless of the political climate, good of bad. Though, perhaps a little less useful, I do derive some consolation knowing that this joker and his pathetic lapdog congress will go down as the worst case of political leadership of all time - US or otherwise! (I never thought in my lifetime that I'd see anyone out-do Clinton)

  2. You Sound like a redneck right-wing evangelical DICK to me. Who are you to say who gets access to a doctor and who doesn't? Are you god? or do you just think you are better than everyone else? Bottom line...people who don't have access to a doctor now do, and no one can say they shouldn't have access to a doctor. There are millions of people that need care, you probably want the homeless to starve, the haitians to die, and wish the slaves were never freed (because there was an even better economic agrument to continue slavery than there is to continue our broken ass health care system).

  3. Ablackman Let's hope. It is scary that American fell for his supposed charm in the first place.

  4. To our anonymous commenter...Why not be brave and list your name? I'm not evangelical, I'm LDS (look it up if you don't know what that is : ) Red-neck? Can't claim that one, but don't see anything wrong with rednecks. Usually the most down home folks around. Right-wing? Thanks for the complement!!! Dick? No, my name is Mike. So, you got a few right...good for you.

    Who am I who says who and who doesn't get access? Well I guess now I am more in that position than before...I'm a tax payer who will be helping to pay the bills of others. I think that should give me a say. But seriously, what are you talking about? Who in this great nation is ever denied access to a doctor as the systems stands? Remember, us right-wing nuts aren't against reform, we're against this reform.

    Am I God? Flattering, but no...far from. Better than everyone else? No. Why do you ask? What in this whole debate led you to believe that the opposition to the bill want to limit people to access to doctors? Most doctors opposed this bill and they profit when people see them.

    Millions of people need care? No one is ever denied access to a doctor. And as a bankruptcy attorney, I can tell you that doctors and hospitals are the best creditors to have. They are very willing to work with folks to get their bills paid. What makes you believe that there are millions without care? This isn't a third world country where people truly do go without healthcare.

    Do I want the homeless to starve? No, not at all...I want them to return to society and become productive members of society if at all possible. There are so many opportunities for people in this country that if they want to rise up from their present situation people are there to help them. Now, I say this recognizing that many homeless are mentally ill. Nevertheless, they can get access if they so choose.

    Do I want the Haitians to starve? Not true. In fact, when I was on a mission in the Dominican Republic (that is next to Haiti) I taught many Haitians and I KNOW Haitians. Do you? I certainly wouldn't want anything to happen to them. Isn't it great, by the way, how many PRIVATE citizens have offered to help the Haitian people?

    I love how you assume that because I am conservative I am therefore racist. Aren't you stereotyping me? Isn't that against the religion of the left? You really should get to know more on the'd find they aren't the racists you have been told they are. In fact, take a longer look at your pinko buddies and you might be surprised.

    Not sure why you would think that because I am against this healthcare bill that I would be for slavery. I don't see the logic in that.

  5. love the comeback to anonymous mike!! that ought to teach him to take a pistol to a nuclear war!....too bad our dems won't learn that lesson til the elections....probly be a GENERATION before they get back in power. randy wellman...aka buttcrackofdoom.

  6. Hey Michael you are right man. Last night i saw a bunch of French prostitutes selling their asses to the Nazi regime(and I hope not to offend French prostitutes)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Yes indeed, we need not slander French prostitutes by comparing them to the Dem led house.

    Buttcrack of doom...thanks. Let's hope America is awake now. Are we hungry and mad enough yet (inside joke b/w buttcrack and myself).


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