Howard Stern Calls Obama a communist

Update: This posting is two years old. I have kept  the title the same even though he could not literally be talking about Obama.  It is interesting to see how quickly he has forgotten his pledge as he was an Obama shill. 

I'm no Howard Stern Fan, but this just shows that the base is peeling, and not just because Obama is not going far enough.  People who collect welfare will always support big government, e.g. farm subsidies, green subsidies, bailouts, transfer payments, food stamps.  Everyone else supports limited government for themselves; some of those still support liberalism for every one else (Warren Buffett comes to mind).

A large number of the "liberalism for everyone else" crowd still support Democrats because they have yet to feel the consequences of government gone wild.  Howard Stern has turned a corner because he can finally see the disaster of what this country would become.   Stern supported Clinton, Gore and Kerry and now he has peeled.  Stern unloads, "These democrats are communists.  This is communism.  The fact that they don't want to see these guys(fail).  This is gangsterism.  This is crazy."  Finally, someone from his base calling him a communist.  I thought that was a good thing.   


  1. Unless my hearing is bad (and it isn't), nowhere on this piece of tape does Stern call Obama a communist. He calls the SEC communist and rails against the former Dem candidates who ran for the presidency.

    I'm not sure who's running the SEC now and if those guys are still left-over Bush appointees. I would remind all the folks are are furious about current policies to remember that they began with the previous administration.

  2. Who was he talking about when he said, "I will never vote for a Democrat again? These guys are communist!!" The only democrat on the ballot was Barack Obama.

  3. Its just the truth: they are a form of communist and it would get worse if allowed to "progress" there. If he read the Bible, he could also say truthful, "These guys are Satanic!!" Surely they are being deceived by the devil into doing many destructive evils to the country and its people. Progressive = Satanic.

  4. Given that Stern is in broadcasting, I'm sure he said FCC, not SEC.

  5. If Obama is a communist then the other side is just plain authoritarian fascist.

    Please read more on political economy before yelling stupid stuff, you're a just bunch of lunatic neo-Mc-Carthyist.

  6. 1) He did not name Obama, but did name the democrats, and since he is top of ticket, he would have meant him too.
    2) Satanic? I'll be watching for the crate of live chickens going into the White House.
    3) I think he did say FCC now that i listen more clearly. Hey, not everyone on the right believes in big gov't censorshihp a la Bush.
    4) Authoritarian Fascist? What's the difference between a fascists and communist? waiting ... waiting.... waiting....
    Thanks for your comments

  7. To Anonymous. He said SEC. He's on satellite radio, which is not regulated by the FCC. That's the whole reason Stern got off terrestrial radio (well, that and the huge paycheck).

  8. I'm sure Howard is smart enough to know that it is only the Democrats on the FCC are Communist. That's why he will never ever vote for a Democrat again. See where selective logic get you? Free your minds OBOTS!

  9. Look only truly braindead do not know that Obama was, is and has always been a full-blown communist.

    The lucky thing for America is, though, that Barry is a simpleton pot-smoking college slacker who never progressed much beyond that level of thinking in the 35 years he was failing in Chicago.

    He will be a distance distasteful memory in a couple of years. No sane person will ever admit that were one of the gullible fools who were drooling over the "hope and change" nonsense.

    Most Leftist lack the brain power to understand that communist followed marxism after the communist destroyed the label marxism, this was followed by socialist, liberal, progressive and finally Democrat. They are all terms for the same repeatedly failed 19th century ideas.

  10. To David Tremblay,

    Actually, the word fascist, as Jonah Goldberg explains well in his book "Liberal Fascism", has been pasted onto the right as a false moniker.

    Hitler's Nazi Party, agreed upon by everyone as fascist, was socialist (Google the term "Nazi"), advocated animal rights, vegetarianism, the welfare state, eugenics (check out the Margaret Sanger's sordid past), environmentalism, and a host of other pet projects popular with today's nutty American left.

    Nice try, but the solvent of common sense and demonstrably naked leftist authoritarianism on display just over the last year has rendered the term "fascist" powerless, if not given it new aim toward its wielders.

  11. It's true, it depends on the definition and the more it goes the less usefull the left-right way of describing politics is.

    however I said "fascism" not "nazism" (who compare very well with authoritarian regime in eastern Europe before 1990) and yes Hitler was a kind of socialist, however its political power came from big companies and some part of the army through old prussian aristocracy. He was selling left policies to the mass while mixing with big corporatin of germany.

    Fascism is the political regime under which state mix with big business is xenophobic, is unilateral in its action and thinking - against plural ideas which leads to authoritarism, has a puritan doctrine (race or moral) and has an offensive military doctrine. Policies can be left or right it does not matter, it's the output that matter.

    Among Fascist regimes Franco in Spain, Pinochet in Chili, Peron in Argentina, Soviet Union before Gorbatchev, Nazi Germany, actual China,

    In fact what we can see is more state make a society fascist, less state will produce also a fascist society. Which elite authority do you prefer to endure : the one from the state or the one from the big corporation ?

    Some reading :

  12. You definitely get an amen on this one. America waking up...hopefully not too late.

  13. "neo-Mc-Carthyist" david-tremblay , HA that's a new one. Although it is better than "tea-bagger" I have to admit.

    You folks on the left need a new trick other than calling people names. Facts are facts. Big government socialists are very much like communists. Those are descriptive in nature, as opposed to libel.

  14. David-Tremblay

    you said "Hitler was a kind of socialist, however its political power came from big companies "

    Exactly, that's because he nationalized (seized) those companies! What the hell are you talking about?

    In 1920, Hitler advocated the German Workers Party change its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Socialism was a popular political philosophy in Germany after the WW1.

    To appeal to the working class and socialists, the Nazi Party included several measures that would redistribute income and war profits, profit-sharing in large industries, nationalization of trusts, banks and increases in old-age pensions and free education.

    Sound familiar?

    Hitler was a socialist, but only for German nationals. Any "foreigners" or "aliens" would be denied those rights, including Jews.

    If you think people who want to live under a society that secures individual liberty, the right to private property and free enterprise and the right to free pursue one's own path as defined in our Constitution, Declaration & Bill of Rights, is somehow "Fascist", you're just ignorant to what conservatism actually is.

    Conservatism is defined by LIMITED GOVERNMENT (Not anarchy) where the people are protected by law restricting federal powers from encroaching on the fundamental individual rights defined in our Constitution, Declaration and Bill of Rights. The American system of government was NEVEr intended to be abused the way we're seeing the Dems ram through whatever the hell they want, and even trying to pass Health care without the House ever voting on the Senate Bill.

    The founding fathers were very clear in the dangers of an ever-growing, far-reaching federal government.

    Ironically, you demand that people "read more" about political philosophy, yet you're completely unaware of our own political philosophical history. I suggest you start here:

  15. This interview was 6 years ago, as Stern himself said on his show yesterday...nice research, doofus. And yes, he was mainly railing against the FCC (not SEC). He voted for Obama and was congratulating him on getting the HCR bill passed this weekend.

  16. Yes, I concede. This was actually from 2 years back. So I guess him and the rest of liberal crowd have forgotten about their hatred of liberalism enough to vote it again.


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