Hugo Chavez plots to assassinate President of Colombia

The world is afraid to mention the obvious, that seems so apparent to the common man.  Marxist president of Venezuela is at war with Colombia, giving aid and comfort to an armed insurgency of the FARC.  Now he is trying to kill the Colombian President Alvaro Uribe (See 
A ruling by Spain's High Court said the Venezuelan government facilitated contacts between the armed groups which led to FARC asking ETA for logistical help in case it tried to assassinate Colombian officials visiting Spain, including President Alvaro Uribe.

According to Monday's detailed court ruling, in 2007 ETA rebels were given a Venezuelan military escort to a site in the jungle where they gave a course on handling explosives to visiting FARC guerrillas.
We already know that Mr Chavez is funding the Farc with sanctuaries, arms and money.  Now it seems that Venezuela is brokering an assasination attempt of another head of state.  On par for course.


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