Kudlow Unloads on Obama for Health Care Reform

I consider Kudlow the genteel investor class, who holds Clinton in high esteem and was very accomodating to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.  He is finished giving Obama the benefit of the doubt.  It's about time (See http://bit.ly/ayCUnc). 
Paul Ryan, baffled President Obama at the so-called health-care summit with his cogent analysis of a ten-year cost of $2.3 trillion that sets a floor, rather than ceiling, for the likely expense of this entitlement package. Obama had no rebuttal.

On taxing, let’s not forget that the current health-care payroll tax of 2.9 percent will be expanded to cover all forms of investment and capital formation, on top of the repeal of the Bush tax cuts. The anti-growth consequences are incalculable. As the late Jack Kemp used to say, you can’t have capitalism without capital.
And how stupid is it for the president to support a six-month payroll-tax cut for small businesses in the name of job creation while imposing a 1 percent permanent increase in that very same tax to fund the massive new health-care entitlement. Talk about self-defeating.
Welcome back.  Some of us have been waiting for a while.


  1. "You CANNOT spend your way INTO prosperity" A. Lincoln. Obama has not learned the essentials from his elders and betters, Michael D.


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