McDonald v Chicago: Shootout at the SCOTUS corral

From the LA Times:

"The Supreme Court justices, hearing a 2nd Amendment challenge to Chicago's
ban on handguns, signaled Tuesday that they were ready to extend gun rights
nationwide, clearing the way for legal attacks on state and local gun restrictions."

"But the clear message from the argument is that a five-member majority on
the court thinks the right "to bear arms" is a fundamental right, like the
freedom of speech, that cannot be unduly restricted by federal regulations,
state laws or city ordinances."

Hopefully, the court will follow the precedent they set in DC v Heller and strike down the lame Chicago gun laws which from what I understand, allows residents of the City of Chicago to buy handguns but not keep them inside city limits. Nice law.

Here's some interesting stats I found over at

"The brief presents new empirical research, conducted by Prof. Carl Moody of William & Mary, about the criminological results of changes in handgun ban policies. in 1965, South Carolina repealed its 1902 ban on handgun sales. We show that, relative to the rest of the United States, South Carolina suffered no statistically significant increase in crime rates. In 1983, Chicago's handgun ban went into effect. Chicago crime rates rose immediately and significantly. Post-ban Chicago is much more dangerous, relative to the 24 other largest U.S. cities, than it was before the ban. The differences are very large, and sustained, and the possibility that they are due only to random fluctuations in less than 1 in 100,000. During the 32 years studied, Chicago was the only top-25 city with a handgun ban during any part of the period."

This is a huge case. Hopefully it goes the right way.

If you are interested, the link goes to the brief filed by the Cato Institute.


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