The Pride of Detroit: Monica Conyers Video Compilation

Yep she's going to jail for 37 months for taking bribes. For all of you not living here in Hell, I've uploaded some of Mrs. Conyers highlights for you to enjoy.

Here's a tasty clip of her calling the Council President Ken Cockrel, Jr. "Shrek" and then debating whether or not it was right with some 8th graders.

This one is a news report detailing a fight she had with the Pension board wherein she allegedly threatened to have her brothers beat up the Head of the Pension board and pretended to shoot him with an imaginary gun.

This is a clip of her husband, Rep. John Conyers, Head of the House Judiciary Committee chiding people who actually expect the elected officials to read the bills they vote on.

This is clip of Monica and some buddies "debating" on TV. I say "debating" because they're basically just yelling at each other and talking over each other. Naturally, the conservation goes straight to evil whitey and the Klu Klux Klan as the reason Detroit is the way it is.


  1. Thanks. I swear this place is the armpit of the universe. I can't wait to get the hell out of here. Wish me luck.


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