Richard Epstein schooling the evil garden gnome Krugman. Enjoy!

From Forbes:

It's all good. He goes through unemployment benefits, the estate tax and health care. I have pasted the introductory paragraph and the money quote.

"A recent Paul Krugman zinger laments how Democrats and Republicans inhabit parallel universes. He left no doubts which one he lives in. As a libertarian who finds it difficult to be consistently loyal to either party, let me say why in this instance the Republicans have not behaved as badly as Krugman's caustic rhetoric suggests on three issues: unemployment benefits, the estate tax and health care. In his view, only hard and insensitive elitists worry about the second. In hard times, all the action should go on the first and third items, where his impatient more-now-is-better mentality flourishes, almost without reason."

"Which brings us to health care. I have diligently sought to master this issue, only to be defeated by my sheer inability to figure out how all these pieces fit together. I am not really ashamed, for anyone from the president on down who thinks he knows how this plan will play out in practice lives in a fool's paradise. The huge amounts of delegated authority to as yet unnamed administrators leaves key design issues shrouded in darkness. To ignore the gaping legislative gaps is to turn a blind-eye to these grim realities. To dump on this monstrosity is not to defend the status quo against any plausible reform. But it is to insist that no pundit should sweet talk a nation into jumping naked into the briar patch, which is just what the Democrats with their open disdain of market principles are doing."

"For the short term at least we should all be therapeutic nihilists on health care reform. Bed rest is preferred to dubious prescriptions of an economist for whom, it seems, scarcity has become a dirty word."

Richard Epstein is probably the smartest man in the universe and if he can't figure it out, I'm pretty sure morons like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc have no clue how their little monstrosity will actually play out.

Krugman is a motard who constantly talks out of both sides of his mouth. His textbooks say one thing and his columns say the complete opposite. I might have to do a special post on just his BS.


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