The Socialist Premise of the Green Movement

Let it be said that I will never, ever, ever, ever go green. I won’t buy a hybrid until it makes financial sense to me. I won’t buy any stupid product that says its carbon neutral. I won’t buy any toys that are made with recycled plastic to keep those plastic bottles out of landfills.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t litter needlessly and all things being equal, I would prefer a car that let off fewer emissions to more. The problem is the premise. The greeny left knows that they can’t get you to buyoff on their high-tax, redistributive agenda for its own merits. They must disguise their economic lunacy. You must learn to submit your economic will to the greater good of the environment. It meets the definition of perfect socialism.

Lately, there are a lot of products that claim to be green, by saving you money. It seems that saving money is the equivalent of saving the planet. I mean, by that definition, my dad was the greenest person on the planet. He was so chincy growing up that I had to wear t-shirts to school that he got free from his rubber suppliers (talk about a rough childhood). You know we also recycled like mad. We recycled our bread bag into my lunch bag. We recycled the previous days leftovers into my lunch. He was always trying to get me to keep the doors and windows closed to conserve energy.

No one ever called my dad green. Not because he didn’t recycle but because he didn’t(doesn’t) buy into their premise.

That is why it disturbs me to hear even Sean Hannity exclaim that he has bought a Hybrid Escalade in part because it is good for the environment. The premise is what is important. If they can get you to buyoff on their premise that you should submit your will for the benefit of another social good, they can get you to buy into a whole host of other destructive things like carbon tariffs, carbon taxes and environmental eminent domain. Al Gore tipped his hand when he referred to the economic benefits of the going green as “Things that we should already be doing but for other reasons”.

The destructive premise the greenies use is that property rights are not individual but collective. That is why the true socialists/communists are now hiding in the green movement. Oh, and It also gives them a warm fuzzy to know that they are saving the planet.

They don’t know how much they sound like the Powerpuff Girls.


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