Two-Fer: Utah and Wyoming Sign Gun Laws which Reject Federal Control

Two more states have followed Montana's legislature in passing their own firearms freedom act.  Montana's law states that it "exempts from federal regulation under the commerce clause of the constitution of the United States, a firearm, a firearm accesory, or ammunition manufactured and retained in Montana" (See

Utah has signed into law a similar bill (See  The measure exempts from federal firearms laws any guns, silencers, laser sights and weapon magazines that are made in Utah and sold for use in the state. That means if a gun is manufactured in the state and sold within the state would not have to submit to Federal oversight.  State Senator Margaret Dayton, R-Orem, said about the bill: 
It's not actually about guns, she said. Like the other states' rights bills, it's about the 10th Amendment's guarantee that states reserve the powers not constitutionally reserved for the federal government.

"The federal overreach is out of control," Dayton said. "That tyrannical overreach is what we're trying to stop with this bill."
Wyoming's state legislature passed a similar bill on March 3rd (See called the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act. 
[This bill] – states that firearms manufactured, sold, purchased and possessed solely in Wyoming are exempt of regulation by the federal government. Passing the House last week, the bill passed on second reading in the Senate Tuesday.
Admittedly, these bills are going to have a difficult time being seen as constitutional as determined by the men in black.  The interstate commerce clause has been used on many times to cement rather than limit Federal control.  That is what the ATF uses to justify criminalizing marijauna users in states which have declared it legal.  If they do uphold the law, it would be a major victory both for the 10th ammendment and the 2nd ammendment.


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