Walgreens no longer accepting medicaid patients

This is what happens when you have socialized medicine.  You can't control costs, so you force costs down by fiat. The next step is forcing companies to accept.  Because they can't and still have money to pay people, they won't obey.  Then nationalization takes place.

You can see it perfectly with Hugo Chavez. 

Walgreens won't be taking on new patients because they lose money (See http://bit.ly/9d2LoG).  My brother is a surgeon and he tells me that he won't do surgeries for medicaid patients because he doesn't make any money. 
Effective April 16, Walgreens drugstores across the state won't take any new Medicaid patients, saying that filling their prescriptions is a money-losing proposition — the latest development in an ongoing dispute over Medicaid reimbursement.


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