The 21 most hateful Attacks on Sarah Palin

All it took was one contest to bring out the hatred.  There was a contest being run for the best sign to go against Sarah Palin.  I just want to ask what would have the response been from mainstream media if we this were done about our current President.  Hat Tip to Another Black Conservative.

This got me thinking, I wonder how hateful they can go.  This is not an isolated incident.  Nothing gets them going like Sarah Palin.  They must be extremely scared with the depths that they are willing to go.

I've compiled the Love of Sarah Series below.  You can turn on the radio to your favorite love song and just feel good inside:

Disclaimer, this does contain some profanity and altogether creepy images.

1)  This is a T-Shirt that you can buy.  Simple and direct to the point.  

2) I thought it was bad to call Obama a Socialist.  Can they call her a fascist?

3) It's ok because she's a white conservative. 

4) If this isn't advocating violence, I don't know what is. To paraphrase Sean Penn, There should be a bar by which one goes to jail over stuff like this. 

5) Talk about scaring the vote.

6) If tis isn't race baiting it's slander.

7-21) Come from the contest entry itself.  It's like a whole love fest of hate


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