Comic Relief: La Isla Presidential

This is the second episode of a series of short video clips.  It is in Spanish which is ok for me cause I speak Spanish, but it is fairly easy to follow even if you don't.

The first episode is about a bunch of Presidents that get on a ship for a summit.  There is Hugo Chavez, Alvaro Uribe, Evo Morales, Putin, Bachilet, Lula and some others as well.  There is even a guest appearance at the end of _________.  I won't spoil the ending.  They get stranded on a deserted island, part UN, part Survivor. 

Anyway the guys that make these clips are brave.  They are in Venezuela so I'm sure they are on some list somewhere and could end up in jail someday if Hugo has his way.  Their website sometimes has more hits per day than the Chavez Robots that pretend to make the news in Venezuela.  El Chiguire Bipolar translated means the Bipolar Capybara (a type of rodent).  Their news is kind of like the Onion in that nothing is serious.  It pokes fun of all political leaders, but especially the left.  What you are watching is truly funny, but it is also free speech.

I couldn't get it to embed on my web without autoplay so I am including the link instead.  It's worth a watch.

Episode 2: Gone Fishing



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