Comic Relief of the Day? TECHNO VIKING

I really had trouble classifying this clip. Is it Comic Relief or a Palette Cleanser? Anyway, this is an old video which became an Internet phenomenon. Some of you may not have seen or heard of the TECHNO VIKING and it's my job to enlighten you.


"The Technoviking was made famous due to a video of a blue-haired girl dancing,
then being crashed into by some unruly guy during the Fuckparade 2000 (a techno
street-parade in Berlin Germany) which caused the Technoviking to snatch the guy
up by his arms and shove him back where he came running from. The Technoviking
then pointed at the man and gazed with an extremely fierce glare in his eyes. An
aura of fear eminated from the Technoviking, causing the man to step down from
the confrontation. The Technoviking then started dancing wildly through the
streets after being given water from one of his minions."


  1. Yes it is.

    What I don't get is: 1) why does that guy in black crash into the blue haired girl? Did he trip? It doesn't really look like he did. 2) the blue haired girl gets manhandled and doesn't even really act like she noticed it or cared. How high was she? 3) why did the goober just walke up and hand the techno viking a water bottle? 3b) Why did he give it to him upside down? What's that all about? 4) Why would Berlin consent to an outdoor rave? 5) why would they allow it to be called "Fuckparade"? 6) who decided to film the techno viking and why? 7)Where is the Techno Viking now?

    I'll never know the answers to those questions and perhaps its for the best.


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