How many people have attended the Tea Parties? (Update 6)

Ever wonder how many people actually showed up to one of the Tea Parties?  I've put together a list with the first reported numbers.  If you have a better link with more accurate numbers or a link to another city not currently on this list, I will review and update.  Only include links with number estimates because that is what I am  trying to get my hands around.

If I receive tips from another source that say that the media report is wrong because they were there, or there is a better source, I'll put them in parenthesis in red.  We can include this next to the reported number. 

For a running total of the numbers, Wes Messamore of the Humble Libertarian has been totalling up the numbers for this information.  Go to to get an estimate of the numbers.  Stay here is you want to see where the numbers come from. 

Tax Day Tea Party - Lewis, DE - 200+
Taxes forefront at local Tea Party rally - Chillicothe, OH - about 200
Grayson County Tea Party - Grayson Co, OK 100+
Tea Party held in Florence - Florence, NC - 300
Tea Party rally draws hundreds - Springfield, OH - 500
RI Tea Party holds tax-day rally - Providence, RI - 2000
Salina Tax Day Rallies - Salina, KS - 600
Tea Party rally draws 2000 - Colorado Springs 2000
Thousands converge for Tea Party rally - Indianapolis, IA - Thousands
Thousands of Idahoans Speak Out on Tax Day - Treasure Valley, ID - Thousands
Tea Party Rally Draws Thousands - Tulsa, OK - Thousands
Tea Party rally draws large crowd - Wichita Falls, TX - Several Hundred
Local Tea Party activists hold Tax Day rallies - Chicago, IL - Several Thousand
Tea Party Gathering in Hornell - Hornell, NY - 200
Hundreds gather for tea party rally in Wichita - Wichita, KS - Several Hundred
Tea Party Activists Gather In Maine - Augusta, ME - Few hundred
Tampa, FL - (over 2,600)
UPDATED: Locals tea off in front of City Hall - Santa Clarita, CA - Nearly 1000
Over 200 attendees at local Tea Party - Schoharie County, NY - 200+
1,500 attend Tucson Tea Party - Tuscon, AZ - 1,500
Joy!: April 15th - Oceanside Tea Party - Oceanside, CA - between 4,000-5,000
Protesters rally widely under Tea Party banner - Carmel Mountain Ranch, CA - 150 - Winchester, VA - 500
Laurel, MS - (1,000)
Eatonton, GA - (200)
Rochester, MN - (500)
Yakima, WA - (1,000+)
Tyler, TX - (3,000)
Tea Partiers turn out in force in PTC - Peachtree City, GA - 1,800
Perrysburg, OH - (400)
Tea Party Draws Crowd - Fort Smith, AR - Several Hundred
NM tea party rallies draw thousands - Albequerque, NM - Thousands 
Alamogordo tea party   - Alamogordo, NM - 80
Hundreds attend Las Cruces tax-day protest  - Las Cruces, NM, hundreds
Santa Fe Tea Party - Santa Fe, NM - 400
Tea partiers rally on tax day - Houston, TX - 6,000
Tea partiers make their case - Noman, OK - 250:
Last Roundup of Tea Party Attendance Reports - All North Carolina - 17,500
Tea party protesters hit Louisiana Capitol - Baton Rouge, LA - 1,000 
Tea party rally upbraids 'gangster government' - Colorado Springs, CO - 2,000
ST Francois County Journal - Farmington, MO - 300 
Tea Party raises cry on tax day - Crown Point, IN - 100+
Tea Party tax day amuses Obama - Long Island, NY - 1,000
Tax day rallies spark debate - Westchester County, NY - 1,200
Tax day rallies spark debate - White Plains, NY - 800
Tax Day Tea Party - Rochester, NY - Thousands  
Tea Party draws crowd downtown - Abiline, TX - 20
TAX DAY REVOLT- Washington DC 2010 - Washington, DC - 55,000

Tea Party Express Attendance
'Tea Partiers' flood streets of capital - Washington DC - Several Thousand


  1. "more than 400" in Lafayette, IN. Thanks for compiling!

  2. Two I didn't see on list from Ohio Dayton 8,000 Cinci 10,000

  3. "Hundreds" in Bloomington, IN

  4. About 1,000 in Pensacola, FL.

    I was there. Sounds about right.

    Randall Current
    Gulf Breeze, FL

  5. 1000 plus in Santa Clarita, CA (north LA county)

  6. 200+ in Schoharie County New York.

  7. 3-4,000 in Pittsburgh, PA

  8. Thanks everyone for this work in progress. This is everyone's list as there is no way that I could do this by myself.

  9. Here are some -

    Fayetteville, AR - 1000

    Huntsville, AL - 2500

    Kansas City, MO (CommunityAmerica ballpark in Wyandotte County) - 2000

    Des Moines, Iowa - 1100


    From comments at this link - :


    Our Tea Party in Winchester, Virginia was attended by 500 according to The Wincheter Star.

    Laurel MS had approximately 1000

    I live in a small town in Eatonton Ga. 200 hundred showed up

    I attended a Tea Party in Rochester, Minnesota...I am bad at estimating crowds, but I bet there was 500

    We had 1000+ attend in Yakima, WA

    Tyler, Texas had between 2000-3000 Peaceful, Proud American citizens show up for their Tea Party.


    Spokane, WA - 3000

    Elyria, OH - 300

    Salem, OR - 1000

    Peachtree City, GA - 1800

    East Bay - Alameda County Fairgrounds - 10,000

    Redlands, CA - 600

    Sarasota, FL - 1000
    Venice, FL - 400
    Punta Gorda, FL - 200

    Here is a detailed list of cities totaling 615,000 and counting

  10. Several hundred attend Fort Smith, AR lunchtime tea party to hear Dick Morris.

  11. ~800 in Las Cruces, NM. We were pretty careful about counting.

  12. More than a hundred Crown Point Indiana:

  13. low estimate Farmington Mo 300 ST Francois County Journal

  14. Here is the turnout for Oahu, Hawaii. I know there were protests on every island, but I don't have that information yet. There were about 1000 at the State Capital, which seems about right since I was there.


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