First Ash Cloud reaches Quebec, Some Flights Cancelled

The first cloud of ash has reached Quebec. Via Toronto Sun:
...a portion of the volcanic ash cloud reached the province after crossing the Atlantic and hitting Newfoundland.  But the cloud is much less dense than what has been seen in Europe," said meteorologist Gilles Coulombe.The cloud was expected to stretch towards New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Environment Canada said that another cloud, this one with a higher ash concentration, is expected to reach eastern Canada and remain there for several hours.
Some flights have been cancelled as a result

That was a measure taken by Porter Airlines on Monday morning. The company cancelled a domestic flight that was to take off from the Saint John's International Airport in Newfoundland.

Porter spokesperson Bard Cicero said that no other flights have been cancelled as of yet.

WestJet has yet to shelve any of their flights within Canada, with the exception of flights from Newfoundland, some of which were cancelled due to fog. WestJet spokesperson Robert Palmer said that the airline was "following the situation".

Air Canada has also cancelled some of their flights.


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