Jobs Pickup close to DC, Lost on the Periphery

The Labor Department came out with their Regional and State Employment Release announcement.  The most interesting thing about this report is not that jobs were picking up, because they clearly are not.  It is where jobs are being created and where they are being lost.  From the Dept of Labor:  
The largest statistically significant job gains occurred in Maryland (+35,800), followed by Virginia (+24,500), Pennsylvania (+22,600).
District of Columbia also posted an appreciable rate decrease (in unemployment) from a month earlier(-0.3 percentage point).
The largest gains are in DC, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  What is the trend?  The closer you are to DC, the greater the economic activity.  This is likely because the Federal Gov't is increasing spending on labor and as that trickles down to the economy, these areas are picking up economically.  

It's also telling to see where the job losses are coming from, America's periphery:
Michigan again recorded the highest unemployment rate among the states, 14.1 percent in March. The states with the next highest rates were Nevada, 13.4 percent; California and Rhode Island, 12.6 percent each; Florida, 12.3 percent; and South Carolina, 12.2 percent.
I guess that means if we want a job, look to Uncle Sam. 


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