Put Indonesia into the BRIC

We did a recent post on why Indonesia deserves to be placed into the BRIC countries.  The BRICs which include Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, and China, are simply the most populous countries in the developing world.  Indonesia was not included when the term was coined probably because it was unstable economically and politically.  Things have somewhat stabilized so why not include them?

The Economist did a Banyan piece on Indonesia.  They expressed Indonesia's desire to enter into the BRICs. In an earlier EconomyPolitics piece, we recommended that they be included.  The new term we coined is BRIIC.  The Economist reports below:  
Indonesia now wants to raise its diplomatic game, acting the part of a regional power with a global impact. One sign of this is a desire to be ranked among the BRIC economic club of Brazil, Russia, India and China...And despite the admirable advances of democracy and of sound fiscal management, prosperity is not entrenched.


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