SEIU leader: White workers are F***ing racits

On April 6th, the SEIU Executive Vice President, Gerry Hudson, made two claims that are way over the top, but really not surprising considering from where it comes.  
"It doesn't take a whole lot to argue African American workers to another place".
It's almost as if he thinks African Americans are stupid or otherwise easy to convince.  
"On white workers.  I think we have some real problems.  I've spent some time  in Wisconsin and places like that where I have heard some of the most anti-immigrant sentiments around.  ...It's so f***ing rabidly racist"
 This is typical of lefty attitudes about conservatives that stick to their principles.  This guy just happens to be a major union leader who should have known people were recording him. He says this as if he is the only guy in the room. Very telling. 

And this is not an isolated incident.  These guys are really just about as left that you can go in the free world.  Andrew Stern, the head of this whole abomination, has been quoted, “[W]orkers of the world unite (is) not just a slogan anymore; it’s a way we are going to have to do our work,” and claimed, “In SEIU’s worldview, there is no room for dissent. Karl Marx, call your office”  There are some other telling quotes in here showing that this whole organization is Acorn from the top to bottom.


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